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Auto Electrician Service

wiring repair

We will find all your wiring faults, problems with looms, door actuators, dashboard faults, heaters, head lights, indicators or any other auto electrical fault: all will be mended for a reasonable price.

Auto Mechanic Service

car service

Our mechanic will repair your car perfectly. We offer servicing, engine oil changes, replacement of brakes, timing belts, clutches and Evap system repairs. We offer a total engine management service.


ECU Testing

ECU Testing

ECU Testing is absolutely FREE for our registered customers. We use and trust all manufacturers' on-line ECU testing diagnostic systems that always provide 100% success.

ECU Repair

ecu repair

We will repair ECU short circuiting, damage of any kind to a motherboard, including water damage, with our 6 month warranty. Embedded programming is also available.

On-Board Diagnostics

toyota diagnostic

Save your time and money by letting us diagnose your car's faults, using the manufacturers' live, on-line diagnostics systems. We will always find the true answer for you, so our repairs are guaranteed.

DPF repair and regeneration

dpf regeneration

DPF Repair and Regeneration is usually the most technical and difficult work: any DPF Regeneration we do comes with 2 months' warranty.